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1. Is HCG FDA approved?
Yes, the FDA approved HCG for its effective role in metabolism and other health benefits. But as a specific weight loss accelerator, it is not recognized by the Federal Drug administration.

2. Can I have a false positive pregnancy test while on HCG?
Yes. You are only getting a very low amount of HCG hormone in the supplement however, if you think you may be pregnant you must wait 5-7 days after stopping the HCG before taking another test so to assure the medicine is out of your system. Use precaution to prevent pregnancy while on this product because it is not uncommon for one to become pregnant while on HCG.

3. Can I still exercise while on the HCG diet?
Exercise should be monitored closely as you run the risk of burning too many calories and could possibly put your body into starvation mode.

4. Do I have to use special make-up while on HCG?
Yes, you should avoid any make-up that contains oils.

5. Is this diet safe for diabetics?
Even though some have had success with the HCG diet, it is not recommended for diabetics to do the HCG diet. Diabetics would need to be under very close supervision and close monitoring by a physician in order to do this.

6. What about high blood pressure? Is it safe for people with high blood pressure?

As with any diet program always ask your physician first. Studies have shown a successful weight loss in people with high blood pressure. Some have even been able to discontinue blood pressure medications all together. During the diet, it would be important to have routine blood pressure checks.

7. Is the HCG diet safe?

It is a safe diet when monitored by health care professionals. The diet must be strictly followed and you must be aware of the potential side effects.

8. 500 calories doesn’t sound like much, will I feel hungry?

You may feel hunger at first as with starting any new diet regimen. However, if followed properly and with time you should not feel hungry. Your body will use the fat stores for nutrition and energy.

9. How many pounds will I lose?

You can expect to lose 1-2 pounds daily as long as you follow the diet strictly.

FAQ about HCG diet:

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Cost of HCG Diet plan is $200 for a 20 day take home injectable kit.

(This diet can be done up to 50 days)

The HCG diet is not a long term diet plan, but is for those who want to lose weight rapidly. There are many guidelines you need to know about before starting this program. With any diet program, if you have any health problems or issues that may prevent you from doing the HCG diet, check with your regular physician for clearance.

There are several guidelines you MUST follow while on the HCG diet. Below includes helpful information and mandatory instructions to follow while following this plan. Also, you will find a section containing frequently asked questions at the bottom.

(HCG Phases)

​Loading Phase (Day 1 & 2)

1500-2000 calorie diet for the first two days.

*You will eat high fat foods

During this phase you will inject .25ml of HCG into your abdomen using your provided syringes

Maintenance Phase (Day 3 – 20)

500 calories daily for women for 22-40 days and 750 calories daily for men depending on your needs

Continue injecting the .25 mls of HCG daily about the same time of day each time

Expect a loss of 1-2 lbs. daily

*no sugars or starches

*Drink 2 liters of water daily

*No makeup/lotions containing oils

*Must be strictly followed

3 Week Protocol Phase

*Continue following the 500 calorie diet for 3 days after completing your injections.

After you have completed those 3 days, on day 4 you must complete the *3 week maintenance diet.

This diet we will give you is extremely important because it will reset your metabolism.

*This 3 week diet will start on day 23 of the 20 day diet or day 54 of the 50 day diet.

*When completed, start slowly introducing sugars and starches.