​​​​​Lipo-Ject B-12 

Cost of Lipo-Ject Injection is $25/week (Includes B-6 which is a natural diuretic)

MIC Lipo B-12
Cost of MIC Lipo B-12 injection is $18/week (Does not include the B-6)

Lipo-Ject & Mic Lipo B-12 Information

The Lipo-Ject and Mic Lipo b-12 injections are weekly injections formulated to enhance fat burn and boost energy to help patients lose weight. These injections have shown great effects for individuals wanting to lose 30-50 pounds. 

All  injections include vitamins and amino acids. The lipotropic helps breakdown the fat during the metabolic process and promotes the exportation and burning of fat from the liver for extra energy. Other vitamins and amino acids in the injections are:

Methionine: to breakdown fats
Inositol: to regulate contents of the cells
Choline: helps to emulsify cholesterol so it doesn't settling on arterial walls
Vitamin B12 Cyanocobalamin: maintains energy levels and emotional stability
Vitamin B6 (Only in the Lipo-Ject) pyridoxine: utilize energy from food you eat. Also works as a natural diuretic. 

Plain b-12 Injections

Cost of injection is $8/week 

Lipo Injections

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