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"I have been going to new image weight loss for a little over a year and I'm on the b-12 injections weekly also the appetite suppressants. I have lost 62lbs in all I'm very happy with my results and I love the staff you couldn't ask for a better place." -- Kristy

"I decided to go to New Image Weight Loss because I am very obese for my height and my health wasn't getting any better. Everytime I have been here everyone has been very nice and ANY question I have had they have taken the time out to answer. I am taking Lipotropic Injections and Adipex. With their advice and suggestions, I have lost 3 inches off my waist and 9 pounds in just the 3 short weeks I have been going there. Thanks New Image!"--Jennifer

How often do I need to come in?
Weekly visits are recommended. This is for weigh-ins and injections.

How long will the shot last?
Expect the shot to stay in your system 5-7 days. This is one reason why we recommend weekly visits.

How often do I see the doctor?
Every three months if you are doing injections only and if you are a patient who takes Appetite suppressants, you will see the doctor when you need a refill.

How fast can I expect to lose weight?
Weight loss outcomes are going to vary from person to person. However, you can expect an average weight loss of 2 to 4 pounds weekly depending on your commitment.

Are the medicines FDA Approved?
Yes, all our medications are approved by the FDA.

Do I need an appointment?
You only need an appointment for your first visit and anytime you need to see the doctor. Any other visit is walk-in only.

What side effects can I expect?
Typically there are no side effects to the injections.

Do I have to sign a contract?
No. There is no contract to our program, only your personal commitment based on your goals.

Do I have to do the appetite suppressants?
No. You are not obligated to use the appetite suppressants. These are only offered as an extra incentive option to help you get started on your weight loss.

What happens when I meet my goal?
You may still continue to use injections to help you maintain your ideal weight.

Are gift certificates available?
Yes, Gift Certificates are available for purchase at our clinic.​

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I have dropped 38lbs and 9 inches in 2 months - R.R.

I have dropped 6 sizes in 6 months! - J.T.

I have lost 6 sizes and 20lbs. Best place ever! - S.W.

I have lost 50lbs in in 4 months. - A.J.

I have lost 45lbs in 11 weeks! - R.B.

I have lost 52lbs in four months! - J.T.

I lost 22lbs in 20 days with HCG. - B.C.

I dropped 32lbs in 20 days doing the HCG program. - R.B.

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